Bell Rock 2012
The End of Time"
Gathering & Celebration

December 21, 2012 11:11 AM - Sedona, AZ

Bell Rock Fire Griffen by jfox - Sedona, AZ
"The Guardian"
Photos by jfox - Sedona, AZ
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Bell Rock Turkey Vulture
"Buzzin' Bell Rock"
Bell Rock Blooms
"Bell Rock Blooms"
Bell Rock Quail by jfox - Sedona, AZ
"Quail Watching Bell Rock"
Bell Rock Volcano by jfox - Sedona, AZ
"Bell Rock Volcano"  (Brin's Mesa Fire in Sedona, AZ - June 2007)
Bell Rock Clouds by jfox - Sedona, AZ
"Bell Rock Reflected in the Clouds"
Bell Rock Candle by jfox - Sedona, AZ
"Bell Rock (Re)Birthday Candle"
Bell Rock Wedding Doves by jfox - Sedona, AZ
"Bell Rock Wedding Doves"
Castle Rock Rays
"Castle Rock Rays" - Near Bell Rock (14 element lens flare!)
Twin Vortex by jfox - Sedona, AZ
"Twin Vortex" (R/C UFO time exposure)
Photos by jfox - Sedona, AZ
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We have been blessed to live within view of Bell Rock for over 30 years.
Our goal is to share some of that beauty with you, before the End of Time.
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